Sonic Branding


Brands and companies have got a lot of options in terms of marketing these days. Sound becomes more and more important. Related to the conception and the production of your accoustical brand management, Sound Sea is your contact. We will make individual sounds, that fit to your brand philosphy, your message and your emotion. Audio Logos, jingles, waiting loops, soundicons, soundscapes or radio commercials. We will find your sound!


Radio Play, Film- and Gamessound


Background music, sound effects or single sounds for your project? No problem! We create the atmosphere you want to have.


Music productions


You can order music productions as well. This is a playlist of Hip Hip instrumentals:


Mixdown and Mastering


When you already have a production or composition, that you wish to get mixed and/or mastered, we will do that for you. Let us give you advice free-of-charge, and we will find a solution to finalize your project on a high quality level.